History is Tradition in Eaton

Memorial Day Salute in Eaton

Memorial Day Weekend is on… but the weather has not co-operated really. Many places have been too cold to plant or place flowers on graves.  

The celebrations will occur rain or shine, cold or warm…as they should, honoring those veterans who served this country.   Our little celebration in Eaton once again will honor the many men who fought in the various wars, but since Eaton is home to many Revolutionary War Veterans… some whom are buried just a short distance from our Old Town of Eaton Museum, it is always a special day.

Each year Jim Monahan and his little band of Revolutionary War volunteer cannon re-enactors honor these early settlers and veterans, men who made our Democracy now called the United States of America,

This year the ceremony will take place after 1pm above the museum near the old Gerrit Smith Building on River Road, this an old burial ground. 

The museum will be open as usual from 11 until 3 and Back Street Mary will be on hand to  tell visitors all about the soldiers who founded Eaton and the southern Madison County area… some of whom served at Lexington and Concord.

The museum is decked out with new displays for the occasion with, new information that dates the old stone structure to before 1802.

The Ice Cream Social will take place at the museum at 1 pm and… is only a skip and jump from the site, So come down to Eaton and enjoy history on this traditional “History Day”.

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