Mission Statement

We, the Friends of the Eaton Museum, pledge to fund raise, promote tours, create celebrations, and continue the public education on both the importance of past history but to .preserve the history that resides within the Museum’s walls.

These treasured links to our past tell the story of the people of and the places in Eaton and Madison County.

Recognizing the cultural contribution of the Eaton Museum to this and future generations, we aspire to support the Eaton Museum through community gatherings, history celebrations, public tours, educational engagement and guest lectures on the history of Eaton and Madison County. We further resolve to continue in the tradition of creative New Yorkers, past and present, in our efforts to provide for the future of the Eaton Museum, its artifacts and its cultural role in our community and Madison County.

We recognize that the artifacts housed within the walls of the Eaton Museum, those heirlooms that may come to us in the future, and those people, both living and dead, who form the tapestry of our community are, in fact, our inheritance. We shall endeavor to preserve those artifacts and relationships through preservation efforts and cataloging and scholastic conferences for volunteers, staff and community members.

By engaging our community, we hope to protect our heritage and leave a legacy for our future and the future of the Eaton Museum.